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About the Foundation

The 2nd Wind Foundation, a Rhode Island non-profit corporation, was created to bring the New England coastal environment, its harbors, its shoreline, its wildlife, its fish and its birds, and its rich coastal resources to the lives of the mobility impaired public impacted by neurological disorders, young or elderly of all genders, races and ethnicities.

If you are interested in arranging a 1/2 day coastal excursion onboard one of our yachts for a mobility impaired person, send us an email detailing the applicant, their age and  mobility impairment and a doctor’s note permitting this activity

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Albin 35 TE Dual Diesel Power Boat

Membership / Sponsorship

Interested in becoming a Member/ Sponsor to support our research into neurological disorders, and service agencies addressing other mobility disabling conditions?

News Flash

The 2nd Wind Foundation and  the Shake-A-Leg Foundation ( Miami)  originally from Jamestown RI, are considering a joint venture to offer both sail training and power boat excursions for disabled and mobility impaired youth from a new Ri base of operations. The two Foundations are exploring the idea of pairing up to create an exciting new recreational and learning facility for disabled and mobility impaired youth in Rhode Island.

Junior Squadron Members

Are you between the ages of 13 and 17, a good swimmer, live reasonably close to our home base, and your parent is a Foundation sponsor who approves of you joining our program, send us an email telling us about yourself and your availability during the summer months. We have limited space and this won’t be a full time summer activity, but if you are selected you will have a few really fun days joining us as crew onboard - email us for more information.